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The trailers we have are 28' long x 8' wide. They are 13' 6" from the ground to the roof and about 4' from the ground to the floor. Most of the time having enough parking and a place for our driver to leave the other trailer while switching is the main problem. The trailer also needs to be parked on asphalt or concrete so that it does not sink into the ground, and if needed please trim or cut back any trees that might cause a problem. We also need the trailers to be packed as tight as possible due to fuel cost, and the turn around time should be no more than about 6 months.

This size trailer is for dropping and leaving at your location to be loaded at your convenience.  In order to drop a pup trailer, your facility must have a reasonably sized parking lot, free of trees and other obstructions, and be able to provide enough material for us to justify leaving a trailer.  If the trailer is not picked up with a full load within six months, we may need to remove it. However, we understand that it may take a little longer in the beginning.

If we drop a trailer at your location, the driver will put a kingpin lock on the trailer, which means the trailer will only be able to be moved by R.J. Transports.  Also, every trailer dropped will come with a lock on the back door, to help prevent theft and/or vandalism to items placed in the trailer.  These locks use the same key, if you need an extra lock because you had to cut one off or if there is not a lock on the trailer when we pick it up, there will be a $25.00 (or market price) charge to you for a new lock.  Every trailer must have a lock on it at all times.  If you lose your key, please call and we will be happy to mail you a new one. 

The area you chose for the trailer to be dropped needs to be solid, to prevent the trailer from sinking or turning over.  In the event this should occur, you may be responsible for the tow truck bill, to return the trailer to the proper position. Please notify us if a trailer needs repair.Type your paragraph here.

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