Value Clothing, Inc. has been very fortunate over the years to supply less fortunate countries with goods that the United States takes for granted.  

     We accept the following used or new items:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Household Textiles (lines, etc.)
  • Belts
  • Purses
  • Soft and Hard Small Toys
  • Cardboard
  • Kitchenware

**Items do not have to be sorted, but they need to be dry and placed in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

Wet Items
     Unfortunately, we do not except wet items.  We understand that it would be impossible to keep the items 100% clean and dry, but we need it to be reasonably free of contamination. Keep in mind these items will be re-used.

We provide storage trailers, free of charge, to facilities across our region to collect these items.

1)    Value Clothing buys bagged or baled used clothing, shoes, pocketbooks, belts, and toys.
2)    We ship the majority of these goods overseas to 3rd world countries.
3)    We can provide prompt scheduling and reliable pick-ups with our in-house transportation company.

     We go to great expense to furnish on-site trailers, provided by our in-house freight company, R.J. Transports, Inc.

Each trailer can store the items we purchase from your thrift store.
     Currently, we have over 300 trailers in service at various locations across the Southeast. 

     After being in business since 1971, we know timely trailer switches are important to you.  Therefore, we provide trailer switches in as little as three to four business days, if not sooner.

     Our trailers are easy to place on location, load, move, and haul. In most cases, a dropped trailer is the best option for our suppliers.  

** As of November 1, 2019, we are unable to take books due to the current paper recycling market.​

Bales of Clothing
     If your clothing is in bales, and you load with a forklift, our truck drivers are all able to drive a forklift and would be glad to help give ideas on loading.  If there is any damage to our trailer by your forklift, you may be subject to a repair charge.

Trailers To Be Loaded
     We can bring a trailer to your location that can be loaded while the driver waits, but only for a maximum of two hours.  The driver has other pickups to do, therefore after two hours, you may be subject to a charge.  This works well for facilities that can store the items until they have enough for a pickup.

     To have a trailer placed at your location please call Chris Trivette at (704) 638-6111, extension 1027, or toll-free (800) 633-8391 or email him at



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Value Clothing, Inc.

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