If you are a thrift store that we currently serve and need a trailer switch.

Please contact us.

Value Clothing, Inc.

Salisbury, North Carolina

QUESTIONS:  (704) 638-6111 Ext. 1027

We have three convenient ways for your facility to notify us when you need a pickup.  Please give us at least three to five days notice before the trailer is full.

  1. Call (800) 633-8391 or (704) 638-6111 Ext. 1027 If you call after our operating hours, Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., please dial Extension 1027, to leave a message for Chris Trivette.​
  2. Email Chris Trivette at chris@valueclothing.us  Please enter all information, such as your name, facility name, phone number, the location of the trailer or where pick up will need to be, and any comments specific of this pickup.​
  3. Click the following icon and fill out the online form.  This will be sent directly to Chris Trivette.  He will be able to schedule an appointment for you and will return an email confirming that appointment time.